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Mad Memories of Mad Men: Maurice Lévy

Maurice is an amazing guy, a mad man, and an incident like this underlines just how mad he is.


Kyoorius And MELT: Listen, Listen, Listen

Listening to the most important stakeholders in the communication business: those who work in it and those who make the communications industry the beautiful industry that it is.


Martin Sorrell Leaves Behind Shoes Too Big To Fill

Sorrell is different – he is a dream subject for an interview. Even post his WPP life, he will be.


“The Most Robust Print Research That India Has Ever Seen”

Ashish Bhasin, Shashi Sinha and NP Sathyamurthy help unravel the intricacies of the Indian Readership Survey 2017, and the implications that arise from it.


“We Need To Evolve The Categories, And We Need To Educate The Consumer”

Mahesh Gupta left his public sector job to turn entrepreneur and launch Kent RO Systems, a business that will reach almost Rs 1000 crore in 2017-18. Is there a secret to the success?


Ready To Melt | Episode 15

Why the advertising film campaign for PhonePe works. And why it doesn't.


Ranjan Kapur: A Supremely Secure Man

1942 - 2018


Dettol SiTi Shield’s Shitty Social Media Use

The Dettol SiTi Shield tweet crosses the line – and comes across as bad taste.


Zee Turns 25, Gets Future Proof

"I’m pretty confident that this company is now ready for a level of growth to take us from a ~$8bn to ~$50bn company."


There’s An Acute Shortage Of TV Inventory, Not A Glut

How valuable is your inventory? Anant Rangaswami answers.