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Creative Picks | Episode 17

From BBC’s world cup promo to J-B Weld’s first ever national TV campaign and Sony Ten’s FIFA ad films, here are Ritwika Gupta’s favourite ads of the week. Watch the full episode here!


Creative Picks | Episode 15

From Mcdonald's to Kellogg's, this week's top activations all happen to be from the food and beverage category but very different from each other. Ritwika Gupta takes a look.


Creative Picks | Episode 13

From Delsey Paris, Tanishq to Tata Sky, here are Ritwika Gupta's favourite ads of the week. Let’s take a look!


Creative Picks | Episode 11

Ritwika Gupta takes you through this week's top marketing innovations.


The World of Entertainment Rides the Digital Wave

The journey begins with a tweet from an A-list talent about the “first look” and ends with a film premiere (after it’s done a box-office run) on a streaming platform. Here’s how digital media is changing the way films are marketed in India.


12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With BARC Data

For advertisers, it is of prime importance to understand viewership numbers and data in order to know where to invest. However, a lot of advertisers are not even aware what all they can do with the data released by BARC India. Here’s what you get if you scratch below the surface!


Creative Picks | Episode 09

From Swiggy’s effective 20 second spots to Ikea’s whacky ‘Ghost’ ad, these were the communication pieces that caught Ritwika Gupta’s interest this week.


Are Beauty Pageants Just A Marketing Gimmick?   

Biplab Deb’s bizarre statement about Diana Hayden received a lot of flak but does he have a point when he says beauty pageants are nothing but marketing gimmicks? Ritwika Gupta opines.


Creative Picks | Episode 07

Ritwika Gupta takes you through this week's top marketing innovations.


Creative Picks | Episode 05

From Airtel’s new campaign 'Sab Kuch Try Karo, Fir Sahi Chuno' to Coca-Cola India's brand new ‘Share A Coke’ TVC - check out this week's top 3 communication pieces.