The Saregama Carvaan Advertisement Is A Beautiful Film Told Through An Iconic Hindi Song

Ushnota Paul, November 27, 2017

There’s no way that this digital audio player ad won’t put a smile on your face.


The commercial for Saregama Carvaan, a digital audio player, shows the beautiful journey of a couple’s married life through a lovely song – Lag Jaa Gale from the movie Woh Kaun Thi?, sung by the iconic Lata Mangeshkar. Created by an independent agency, The Womb, the commercial shows various stages of the couple’s life where music plays a pivotal part.

It starts with the wife putting their young son to sleep while the husband requests her to sing two lines from their favourite song. As she croons, he blissfully falls off to sleep. A few years later, the son is grown up and is busy with a school science project. She calls up her husband and sings the next two lines of the song since he’s having a bad day at work. He immediately smiles while listening to his wife’s voice on the phone. The son is a grown up college-goer now. The father listens through a closed door as his wife croons the next two lines of Lag Jaa Gale while getting ready for a wedding. The song ends when she breathes her last and the father-son float her ashes in the river.

The now-old man misses his wife, his constant companion, his pillar of support and her magical voice. We can see him walking around the bench, their usual sitting place and also looking forlornly at the empty side of the bed while sleeping at night. The son is worried for his father. And then one day, he finally sleeps peacefully while listening to Lata Mangeshkar singing his favourite song Lag Jaa Gale. We see that the son has put a new Saregama Carvaan on his mother’s side of the bed. The audio player has 5000 evergreen preloaded Hindi songs along with FM radio.

It’s a beautifully made film that will instantly put a smile on your face. The story has been smartly told through a single song. The beauty of the advertisement is that through the entire ad you won’t really understand which product is this endorsement for, but you will remain engrossed nonetheless. It’s only in the end that you realize how smartly the product has been endorsed. It’s a long ad but you don’t complain. You hum along and stay invested in the couple’s life throughout it all. The Womb has really created a memorable piece of communication, and for that they deserve all the appreciation.