Sony Max2 Rings Up Nostalgia With A Heartwarming Film

Ritwika Gupta, November 20, 2017

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, Sony Max2’s new ad will melt your heart.

Sony Max2 has rolled out its latest TV campaign highlighting the magic of iconic Hindi movies while depicting a touching bond between a father and a son. It shows a son helping his bed-ridden father shave his face which exchanging Hindi film dialogues. When I first saw the ad, it reminded me of a commercial which I had seen earlier this year – the award-winning Gillette “Handle with Care” ad which also showed a man caring for his elderly father, who is unable to complete the most basic daily tasks like shaving his own face. Well, clearly there is a similarity. Both situations and concepts are alike. Both ads capture the relationship between a father and son. The tonality, however, differs. While the Gillette ad rides heavily on emotional storytelling, Sony Max2 keeps the mood light with an endearing banter between the father and son. One could say that the works of art are often borrowed and if that is the case, brands and marketers also turn to real-life situations to connect with consumers. Shaving is a basic daily act and it is common to find sons helping their fathers shave. A simple moment inspired Gillette to create a monumental ad. Similarly, the Sony Max2 ad is inspired from what was captured in the Gillette Ad. What differentiates the Sony Max2 ad is the overall brand personality. In this one, the focus is on Hindi movies that never fail to impact our lives, even in our most vulnerable moments. The ad conveys the idea that our relationships are essentially like the movies we watch. They make us cry, flinch, smile and become a big part of our memory. The TVC, entitled “Kuch Filmon Ka Jaadu Kabhi Kam Nahi Hota” brings forth the nostalgia of timeless cinema and leaves a smile on your face.

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