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Point Of View: Women In Leadership Roles In The Industry. If Not Now, When?

Talking about women and leadership today, we see how women have overcome the shackles of the world and how they've now been receiving support. But what happens when they get past that interview and what does it take to make that change?


It Took More Than Two Minutes, But Nestlé India Is Back To Fighting Fit

Suresh Narayan was required to drop everything and head to India to manage the fallout of what was then a developing crisis. In conversation with Suresh Narayan, CEO of Nestlé India about his journey with Nestlé and how he tackled a developing crisis, one that threatened the very foundations of the brand.


From Marketing To Marathons

Ushnota Paul profiles four top corporates in India who spill the beans on how running marathons has helped them in their professional career.


Burning Issues: Digital Media – New World, Old Rules

What in heaven is content? To some, it’s just an ad. To some, it’s a bespoke article written for a brand. To others, it’s a video that teaches you how to make an omelette. Brand managers are besieged by representatives from content companies, by invitations to content seminars — even by job offers from new, funded and struggling content outfits. The truth is, content is many things. In this issue’s Burning Issue, experts invested in the content business share their views on the content they understand best.