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Clyde DeSouza on “The Psychological Impact Of VR On Audiences” at #ZeeMelt 2017

As Virtual Reality becomes the next big content trend, filmmaker, speaker and consultant Clyde DeSouza helps examine the psychological impact the technology has on the audience, and why everyone must treat VR differently.


Hemant Mehta on “The Media Dark Research Release” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Kantar's Hemant Mehta presents data that validates the importance of the mobile phone in the traditionally viewed media dark areas of India.


A Fireside Chat with Sonal Dabral at #ZeeMelt 2017

Lessons in creativity through stories from Sonal Dabral, unraveled in a fireside chat with Anant Rangaswami.


Nick Burfitt on Communication Planning at #ZeeMelt 2017

Kantar Media's Nick Burfitt shares the results of "Dimensions", a study that considers the impact of communications from the twin perspectives of the industry leaders, and the consumers they are trying to reach.


David Weeks on “Rolex & The Week” at #ZeeMelt2017

How do you build a content partnership that works for both the publisher and the brand? David Weeks explains all in this session, where he talks about The Week's association with Rolex.


Dion McKenzie on “The (New) Digital Consumer” at #ZeeMelt 2017

How do you define today's digital consumer? Dion McKenzie, Group Director - Marketing & Communications, Iron Group breaks it down in this session at the Disruptive Marketing hall at Zee MELT 2017.


Jeremy Bassett on Startup Powered Innovations at #ZeeMelt 2017

How can you harness the power of startups? Jeremy Basset (Founder & CEO, CO:CUBED) explains in this presentation featuring work with the Unilever Foundry.


James Hurman makes “The Case For Creativity” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What's the role of creativity in advertising and business? And is there any data to support awards for creative advertising? James Hurman shares his views.


Steve Wells on “The Possibility Expansion” at #ZeeMelt 2017

How will existing technology, and upcoming innovations disrupt the way we live in future, and carry out business? Steve Wells hypothesizes.


Dave Trott says “Simple Is Smart” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Nearly 90% of all advertising isn't noticed by the consumer. Dave Trott explains what's going wrong at Zee Melt 2017.