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Creative Picks | Episode 12

Ushnota Paul takes you through this week's top marketing innovations.


Creative Picks | Episode 09

From Swiggy’s effective 20 second spots to Ikea’s whacky ‘Ghost’ ad, these were the communication pieces that caught Ritwika Gupta’s interest this week.


Creative Picks | Episode 02

Ushnota Paul shares her top 3 picks for last week - The Mo Salah Surprise, Aerosmurf and Assemble AR App


“Peeing On This Ad May Change Your Life”, Says IKEA

IKEA’s new print ad is whacky, unconventional and rather interactive!


IKEA’s Preroll Ads Are So Boring That They’re Pure Genius

What happens when a brand uses reverse psychology on its consumers to not skip ads? IKEA has hit the ball out of the park with its latest campaign…