Articles in Marketing


Samir Bikram Singh on “A Mobile Video Nation” at #ZeeMelt 2017

India's at a very exciting phase with its base of 300mn smartphone users, that translates to only a 30% market penetration rate.


Nicholas Russell on the “Race To The Bottom” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Project X's Nicholas Russell talks disruptive pricing strategies to the audience at Zee MELT 2017.


Jonathan Grubin on “Sampling Innovation” at #ZeeMelt 2017

With SoPost, Jonathan Grubin disrupted the practice of product sampling. Listen in and learn from his journey in this video.


Abhinav Chetan on Machine Learning & Google Ads at #ZeeMelt 2017

How will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence change Google's Marketing Platforms? Google's Abhinav Chetan explains at Zee MELT 2017.


“Predestination” by PHD India at #ZeeMelt 2017

What are the key trends that will shape the future of marketing and media professionals? PHD India's Predestination attempts to answer that very question.


Neel Murty on Measurement & Apps at #ZeeMelt 2017

Google India's Neel Murty shares thoughts on how marketers should define success in the ever-evolving world of smartphones and apps.


Dion McKenzie on “The (New) Digital Consumer” at #ZeeMelt 2017

How do you define today's digital consumer? Dion McKenzie, Group Director - Marketing & Communications, Iron Group breaks it down in this session at the Disruptive Marketing hall at Zee MELT 2017.


Jeremy Bassett on Startup Powered Innovations at #ZeeMelt 2017

How can you harness the power of startups? Jeremy Basset (Founder & CEO, CO:CUBED) explains in this presentation featuring work with the Unilever Foundry.


James Hurman makes “The Case For Creativity” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What's the role of creativity in advertising and business? And is there any data to support awards for creative advertising? James Hurman shares his views.


Twitter’s Soumya Parmar on the Live Video trend at #ZeeMelt 2017

Real time broadcasts command premium consumer attention, but are successful only when planned well. Twitter's Soumya Parmar shares the know how in this session.