Titan Raga’s New Ad Reimagines Time Like Never Before

Ritwika Gupta, November 21, 2017

The new ad by Titan Raga is fun, flamboyant and will resonate with young women of today.

Titan Raga launched a new ad called #TickTalk with fashion designer, Masaba Gupta. It features a new line of watches designed by Masaba and takes us on a journey into the world of unique timepieces and basically showcases her inspiration behind this new range. Conceptualised by Ogilvy Bangalore, the film is a visual delight. It converts the mechanical process of making and designing watches to an organized and colorful choreography. Accompanied by a strong narrative, the film questions conventional perceptions – “who says heritage can’t be cool?”, “who says old can’t be new?” and this has been the case with most of the other Titan Raga ads. Whether it is the iconic “Her Life Her Choice” or “Mom by choice”, the brand has always been a voice of change, especially for the modern day woman. In this case, the ad is a beautiful blend of trendy and traditional. The watches look very fashionable! The recurring “tick tock” sound in the background is striking and reflects the passing of time and how these watches come to life, from the point of inspiration to formation. It seamlessly weaves in Titan’s signature tune towards the end, without disrupting the narrative. Though I must add here that the “tick tock” beat sort of reminded me of “The Printing Machine” by Kalki Koelchin, which had the actress reciting a poem to a “tak taka tak” rhythmic repetition. Just goes to show how even the most basic sound effects can enhance a film. What I like most about the ad is how it manages to keep the watches at the core of the communication without appearing too in-your-face. Keeping in mind Masaba’s individualistic approach to design, the TVC has effectively kept the aura quirky. Overall, it is an interesting piece of communication!