Articles by Advertising


Pratham Hegde on Digital Marketing Measurement at #ZeeMelt 2017

Facebook's Pratham Hegde unravels the opportunities for advertisers on the social media platform.


Emma Chiu on “Innovation & The Future Agency” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What does the communications and advertising agency of the future look like? Emma Chiu, Chief Innovation Officer at J Walter Thompson Worldwide answers.


A Fireside Chat with Sonal Dabral at #ZeeMelt 2017

Lessons in creativity through stories from Sonal Dabral, unraveled in a fireside chat with Anant Rangaswami.


Jonathan Grubin on “Sampling Innovation” at #ZeeMelt 2017

With SoPost, Jonathan Grubin disrupted the practice of product sampling. Listen in and learn from his journey in this video.


“Predestination” by PHD India at #ZeeMelt 2017

What are the key trends that will shape the future of marketing and media professionals? PHD India's Predestination attempts to answer that very question.


Vasuta Agarwal on Brand Safety & Ad Fraud at #ZeeMelt 2017

How do you build accountability in mobile advertising? Vasuta Agarwal covers some of the best practices that can be undertaken to maximize brand safety in the mobile advertising ecosystem, and diminish chances of ad fraud.


David Weeks on “Rolex & The Week” at #ZeeMelt2017

How do you build a content partnership that works for both the publisher and the brand? David Weeks explains all in this session, where he talks about The Week's association with Rolex.


James Hurman makes “The Case For Creativity” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What's the role of creativity in advertising and business? And is there any data to support awards for creative advertising? James Hurman shares his views.


Steve Wells on “The Possibility Expansion” at #ZeeMelt 2017

How will existing technology, and upcoming innovations disrupt the way we live in future, and carry out business? Steve Wells hypothesizes.


Danny Kershaw on Branded Content at #ZeeMelt 2017

The steady decline of "Push Marketing" forces brands to be more authentic in their communication with consumers. This opens up new opportunities for content creators. Danny Kershaw explains.