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Creative Picks | Episode 06

From Vodafone Egypt offering free minutes to customers to FedEx transporting 3,000-year-old Egyptian artifacts - these are the marketing activations that caught Ushnota Paul's eye.


Creative Picks | Episode 03

Ushnota Paul shares her top 3 picks for last week - Maggi Masala-ae-Magic, Vodafone Egypt and Wipro Garnet LED Bulb


Vodafone’s Beloved Pug Is Back And This Time With An Entire Pack!

Another heartwarming gem is out of the Vodafone stable with the #StrongerTogether campaign…


Ready To Melt with Anant Rangaswami: Podcast Episode 08

A rant on BTL activity by cellular service, carbonated beverage and premium alcohol brands.


Ready To Melt with Anant Rangaswami: Podcast Episode 05

We weigh in on Children's Day communication from a couple of brands that didn't quite hit the right notes.


Vodafone India: “#LookUp”

The #LookUp campaign by Vodafone showcases a video portraying the need for face-to-face interactions today. Quite a bold move being a telecom company, Vodafone emphasizes the importance of spending time with loved ones and expressing emotions in person rather than through a text or call.